Is IGO For Me?

Am I Fit for Adventure?

Our mission is to bring real adventure to everyday people. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned ultra-runner or this is your first time exercising outside of a gym – we create experiences to challenge all ability groups in beautiful remote locations around the world. People can choose to participate as either a Competitor or a Completer. Both groups accomplish the same challenge but at their own pace and equally supported by our team.



  • Race against the clock and other competitors
  • Have taken part in competitive endurance events
  • Love of the outdoors and learning new skills

You might not have taken part in organised challenge events before but you’ve been training for some time and like to break a sweat. Competitive with both yourself and your friends, you relish a challenge and enjoy being with like-minded people who can push you further.



  • Pushing themselves and enjoying the scenery
  • First adventure challenge
  • Love of the outdoors and learning new skills

There’s more to life than pounding the treadmill and experiencing beautiful scenery is what you enjoy most – exercise is a happy side product. You like to challenge yourself in your own way and enjoy sharing the sense of achievement with other like-minded people.

"It was quite simply a totally unique experience. Definitely, hand's down the most challenging crazy goal that I have ever attempted. Whilst I was on the journey and especially when I was in Norway the people I met were totally inspirational and I feel like I'm part of the whole new special family of totally motivated people. I feel very lucky. Thank you all for making it happen.”

Jane Birkin

Training for an Adventure Challenge

In order to give you the best chance of enjoying yourself on an IGO, we advise that people follow our basic training plan to build a base level of fitness before attending. Depending on your current level, this can include anything from a long weekly walk with a backpack to daily workouts with our training partner Be Military Fit.


Your Free BMF Training Plan

We’ve partnered with Be Military Fit to provide a 4 and 8 week training plan for an IGO Weekend Challenge. Sign up below to be the first to receive the training guides when they come out shortly.

“An IGO is what you make it, the pre-training is excellent and it is importantly open to all abilities from the most resilient athletes to those who this kind of adventure is not at all familiar, here you will be well supported by team IGO to get to the end. It is a real team experience and the people coming in at the end get just as much applause as those battling for the podium. If you are thinking about an IGO, just go for it!"

Dominic Evans