IGO is an adventure travel company for people who want to get more out of life.

We offer fully-supported challenge weekends and week-long breaks to test your limits in the world’s most wild and rugged landscapes. Expect to hit peak physical performance, gain new skills and make new friends whilst you are at it.

How It All Started

IGO Adventures was started by Bobby Melville in 2014 after he rowed for 48 days straight in a tiny rowing boat with three friends. Add on the year of fundraising, training and preparation and Bobby knew he had to make that sense of genuine adventure accessible to everyone. Especially those who can’t disappear off-grid for months at a time.

He sought the help of George Bullard, who, with a couple of polar trips and a few world records under his belt, was deemed ambitious enough to start spreading the IGO mission.

Together, they sourced the best team of guides, plotters, planners and navigators they could find to curate the IGO portfolio.

Weekend & Week-Long Adventure Challenges

From weekend trips just hours from London, to week-long stints in the Glacier National Park of Montana, USA – IGO exists to test the will and determination of anyone craving a break from the norm.

Put more plainly, IGO is about escaping to somewhere beautiful in nature for a few days, getting some fresh air in your lungs and fire back in your body, before landing back in civilisation – complete with new pals, awesome memories and quite possibly a new perspective on life.

The most dangerous part?

Well, IGOs can be pretty addictive.

Whether it’s getting to know a different part of the world, pushing your body to its limits, or simply getting to know new people around the campfire – everyone gets something different out of an IGO.

Six pillars of IGO


Whether you’re a marathon runner or a couch coveter, we all have different mental and physical challenges to push through. Your choice is to complete or compete.


We believe in more time outdoors, in the wild, in touch with nature. Participants are encouraged to switch off and enjoy a rare opportunity for digital detox and mindfulness.


IGO brings people from all walks of life together through a shared love of adventure. We all support one another, have fun and make plenty of new friends.


Only by pushing yourself do you learn new things. You’ll discover what you’re capable of and bring a new level of confidence and understanding to everyday life.


With the comforts and convenience of everyday life, how often do we really get to experience a touch of the unknown? Delight your inner child with real off-grid adventure.


Every IGO is carefully designed around its location. We hire local contractors, source local and sustainable food, and endeavour to leave every spot a little bit better than we found it.