Liz Marsland, Brand Ambassador


Sport and fitness fanatic Liz is a competitive CrossFit-er with a love for adventure travel, outdoors, and helping people to push their own mental and physical barriers, be it in the city gyms or in a foreign mountain range. When surrounded by a team of amazing characters and motivated people, any adventure and dream is possible!

What is your favourite aspect of IGO?

These leaders know exactly what it’s like to surpass their expectations and push themselves into all kinds of wild scenarios and places! So they also know how to create the most memorable and positive experiences for people to bond over and never forget!

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

Camping next to a dam full of hippos and their calves and then waking up to have one of their bellies pressed up against my tent above my head and munching leaves above my head.

Do you have any key piece of advice for anyone thinking about doing an IGO?

GO! Don’t forget your sleeping bag. And just go with a smile.