Kieran Lowe, Osteopath


Kieran Lowe M.Ost, BSc H SRIP, our Osteopath from Just One Body has been working with athletes, adventures and the damn right crazy for over 15 years. He’s been supporting people of all levels to achieve some of their most challenging tasks set. His combination of Osteopathy and Sports Rehabilitation skills have created a unique approach to managing problems, ensuring each patient knows what happening, what needs to be done and how to manage it outside the clinic. When Kieran isn’t rambling through the desert or snowy mountains of Norway with his treatment couch he works in his two clinics in London.

What was your scariest adventure moment?

Downhill mountain biking through in Tignes. As I flying down a steep slope surrounded by boulders my back wheel started to rise up behind me after a savage turn. I was about to use my chin as a brake, but I managed to shift my weight back before flying over the handlebars… I lived to tell the tale!

Favourite IGO?

A tough question; both Norway and Scotland have incredible moments. For the sheer human toughness, Norway.

What kit you can’t live without?

Head torch – I can do Osteo in the dark but a head torch makes life much easier.