Kate Spark, Brand Ambassador


I was young once! That’s when I dived straight in. I chose a job in the fashion world that let me travel for 9 months of the year choosing locations that I wanted to see and kept my travel lust alive. I am now a mum of four and desperately spend my life trying to drag my children on my adventures and ruin their education!! Meanwhile making major muck-ups on house builds, try and listen to wiser, more interesting people and try to not to use the word “No”. I also remind myself that there is s world out there to just smile in – how lucky we are.

What is your favourite IGO?

Norway – I loved it all so out of depth and just the realisation that life is about testing yourself

Do you have any key piece of advice for anyone thinking about doing an IGO?

Don’t over think it, look up, look out and breathe – everything is possible!