Johnny Fenn, Photographer


After 20 years as a distinguished Army Officer with the Gurkhas, with whom he served in the likes of Bosnia, the Falklands, East Timor, Iraq and West Africa, Johnny returned to his first love: photography. He now travels the world photographing for clients including the British Exploring Society, Coca Cola, Buckingham Palace, Private Banks, and some of the most elite private security companies in the world.

In his role as IGO photographer, Johnny can always be found round the next corner, capturing the highs and lows of the challenges and stunning landscape images. He’s also an incredible photography instructor – so if you’re after a few pointers on your skills he’s the one to talk to. He is also qualified as an Emergency Expedition Medic – not that he’s needed it yet!

1 piece of kit you can’t live without in the wild:

My Shemagh scarf. Issued to British Troops for the 2nd Gulf War, this doubles as a towel; a pillow-case; a shower curtain; or a flag!

Advice for those considering IGO:

Always smile if you see an adventure photographer pointing a camera. If you can’t smile….look grizzly!

Best IGO memory:

It’s a privileged position recording the events; so seeing the determination/anguish at the start of each discipline and contrasting that to the exhilaration at the finish line is always humbling.