John Haigh, Digital Marketing Manager


A big lover of the outdoors, John is often seen escaping the city whenever possible to go on adventures around the UK. Predominantly from a sporting events background, he joins the team to support the marketing team at IGO.

What is your favourite IGO?

I’m a big fan of Morocco, the conditions are so different to what I’m able to train in typically and is not too far from England. The local food is also fantastic!

What were you doing before you joined the team? What brought you to IGO?

I’ve spent a lot of time organising sporting events around the world, being lucky enough to visit some great locations and meet some amazing people along the way. The last stop was Australia where I helped produce the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

Coasteering in Greece, we decided to venture through an underwater cave and save ourselves the swim around the headland. Air was finished before the cave and a frantic scramble to the surface followed, narrowly avoiding disaster. We didn’t use that guide again…