Jake Meyer, Brand Ambassador


Hi, I’m Jake and I love climbing hills – preferably ones that are bigger than those around them. Everest, K2, 7 Summits etc. I don’t train. Management consultant and keynote speaker by day, (Reservist) Army Officer and adventurer the rest of the time. Husband and father. Obviously not in that order…

Where is your favourite place to go on an adventure?

Anywhere new. I’m really not keen on going back to places – however awesome they may have been – the world is too big and too amazing to keep trying to repeat the same things. That said, I do go to Salcombe every year, and I have done 3 trips to K2, and 3 trips to the Matterhorn!

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

I don’t really get scared. If I were, then something is going/has gone wrong. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my fair share of ‘oooh, this is a bit cheeky’ or ‘oh Jake, you absolute muppet’ moments!

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about doing an IGO?

Get a gang of friends involved. Adventure is always better when shared!