Holly Purchase, Operations & Logistics Manager


An extreme weather enthusiast, preferably high winds. Happiest when water and a horizon is in sight. Not holding any IGO office records (yet!) but has been recorded participating in The Head of the River Rowing Race and is a #1 spectator, supporter and all round motivator. A strong advocate of mind over matter and believing everything is easier when done with a smile. Dogs over cats, sunsets over sunrise and beer over wine.

What is your favourite IGO?

Favourite IGO is hard to pin but I would say Wales because it’s somewhere close to my heart.

What were you doing before you joined the team? What brought you to IGO?

I was working freelance and focusing on my yoga training for a little bit. I was brought to IGO by Ben and craving some more structure to my life. I was drawn to working with a brand connected to the power of bringing people back to nature.

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

Being stuck on an island off the great barrier reef without any phone signal and not knowing when the next ferry will arrive. It was hot and I was without water vessel…