Bobby Melville, Chief Exploration Officer


International Polo Player who represented England in World & European Cups and winner of his class in the 2013 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, Bobby dreamt up IGO whilst spending 48 days in a little boat rowing two hours on and two hours off with 3 friends.

Bobby is in charge of partnerships, international relations and development along with the design and structure of all IGOs. An advocate for charity and conservation, Bobby is passionate about giving true adventure to those who can not disappear off the grid for months at a time.

Favourite discipline:

I tried cross country skiing for the first time when I did N60 – Norway 2 years ago. I haven’t looked back. Its an incredible way of getting from A-B and the better you get the less effort required- it also doesn’t require a lift pass!

Scariest adventure moment:

It would have to be when crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat and at nearly the halfway mark we encountered a serious storm. Our boat capsized at night throwing those on deck into the dark deep blue which was terrifying.

Favourite IGO:

I genuinely love them all but there is something extremely special about Montana. It’s a playground for wildlife and aspiring adventurers alike. Mountains, rivers, lakes – incredible.