Benjamin Philipson, Brand Ambassador


Benj has spent the last twenty years ticking off his bucket list ranging from ice climbing in Reykjavik, racing the Gibraltar Straits on a kitesurf to free diving in Costa Rica with bull sharks. Most of the time he is moaning about an injury or cooking up the next adventure that will ultimately end in one. Being one part of a twin born in Rio de Janeiro, he is most at home on a beach, under, on, or above the water. He’s a keen lover of the wild, especially Africa and mountain ranges around the world although there’s still a few he’s yet to adventure before he dons the slippers and pipe. Away from nature, he’s very passionate about charity and sits on several non-exec boards mentoring the next generation of pioneers in their respective industries.

What is your favourite IGO?

That’s a tough one. They are all pretty sensational in their own way although I am leaning on the Montana Ultimate Challenge. Apart from literally tearing my heels off, the multi-discipline course in one of the most exhilarating and beautiful parts of this planet was an experience I will never forget. That, and the incredible people I met… I never got to meet a bear though.

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

There’s been a few but the one that immediately comes to mind was taking a motorbike down through the biosphere underneath Tulum in Mexico to get to a kite surfing school on the coast. I ended up coming off my bike after a run in with the indigenous people. I woke up days later in a hut surrounded by children and sporting several cracked ribs and a concussion. I was so disorientated and well out of my league, but my pigeon Spanish and a local missionary kept me cool.

Do you have any key piece of advice for anyone thinking about doing an IGO?

I come across a lot of people who don’t think they could do an IGO because they are not fit enough or it “sounds” like too much. IGO is not about extremes, it is about testing and understanding yourself. How far are you willing to push yourself at your own pace? No one else’s. If you want to challenge yourself, your way, in safety, incredible nature and with damn good company, then jump on board.