A new decade, a new adventure. The world is waiting for whoever you’re going to be next. 

Why not start 2020 in the best way possible, with a trip that could redefine what you get out of life? Whether that’s by exploring canyons, cities or crystalline fjords… 

You don’t need a travel companion either. More people are hitting the runway by themselves, maybe because we’re surrounded by so many contacts and connections – it’s just nice to say goodbye to all of that for a while. With this in mind, here are 10 extraordinary places you can reach and embrace on your own, hand-picked by our adventurers. And you won’t be totally alone for long. There’ll always be fellow escape artists on the trail.

1. Kenya 

The primal roar of a lion. The stamp and rumble of an elephant herd. Countless musical stories from the Maasai and Samburu tribes… Solo travel ideas don’t get much more unique than this. Explore with a guide, or take our trek through the Kenyan bush, all the way to Africa’s second-highest mountain – Mount Kenya. Immerse yourself in the culture and explore the wilderness on an eight-day walking safari that’s eco-friendly too, with outdoor camping and camels.

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2. Alaska, USA

Into rafting or ice climbing? Or just want to explore an awe-inspiring environment? Whatever experience you crave, there’s plenty of grandeur in Alaska for those who love to be dwarfed by sheer faces of ice as the wind stirs nearby pine trees. Wrap up warm, choose a safe travel guide, and put your sea legs on. You might even see a hunk of glacier tumbling into the water. Solo travel in December doesn’t get more impressive than this. 

3. Slovenia 

Not so far from the fairy-tale castles that attract tourism, in northwest Slovenia, you can discover a much tougher side. Where solo adventures involve hiking, kayaking and eating your way across the Bohinj region. The Julian Alps loom over picturesque communities, the kind you’ll love waking up to after a day in the water or on the rocky face of a peak. All the while, you can drink in the majesty of Lake Bohinj.

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4. Cambodia

The best destinations for solo travel wouldn’t be complete without wild swimming, bamboo cutting and grassland treks in Cambodia. The Virachey National Park – one of the densest areas of wildlife in the country – is where you’ll want to go. There’s a strong eco-awareness message for all who explore the park (which we love), so you’ll learn about conservation on the move through savannah and forest landscapes. 

5. Azores, Portugal

Portugal is more generally known for family breaks. But the Azores represent something else entirely for those who like to scramble on rocks, sail past schools of silver fish and observe mist pool around a dormant volcano, or keep an eye out for sperm whales in the whale-watching capital of the world. There are nine major islands, each of which is a beautiful base to start hopping from one to the other. Solo travel in January could be one of the most enjoyable ways to escape the British winter and dine on incredible seafood.

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6. Tuscany, Italy

This jagged region of Italy is great for two wheels. Take a bicycle or motorbike – in either case, you’ll find a spread of hill-capped paths that take you across some of the best wine country in the world. Stop off. Drink with locals. Ask for hidden sights or a restaurant that’ll kick your appetite into gear like never before. Then continue down to Florence for a few culture-rich days before you leave. 

7. Oman 

For solo travel ideas, it’s hard to beat Oman, a small country bordering Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It looks like something dreamt up in Arabian Nights: miles of rippling dunes, camel herds, and outcrops scorching in the Middle Eastern sun. A lot of people head out from the capital of Muscat and on to Salalah, where the famed Arabian Sea beaches stretch into natural coves and waterfalls. For a break, visit the famous markets, which will set your Instagram on fire. Or stretch further and take the IGO Oman adventure and climb the highest sand dune in the world with the Dhofari tribe. 

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8. Nærøyfjord, Norway

An 18-kilometre-long fjord waits for those with hardy skin and the stomach for cold water. The breathtaking scenery will make you feel like you’ve walked directly into a National Geographic photo shoot. Nærøyfjord is a jewel of Norway; at its narrowest point, it’s only 250 metres wide, tightening the panoramic views of farms, mountains and hillsides that drift by. We’ve designed a special travel package here too. Over almost a week, you can learn about the very first human settlers, kayak for miles each day, and spend your downtime between your eco-cabin or hot tub. 

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9. Varanasi, India

India is the birthplace of yoga. But you don’t have to literally bend over backwards to have a stunning, spiritual adventure. Varanasi counts itself as one of the oldest inhabited cities on earth, and you can take a residence there quite easily. Explore, meditate and join pilgrims washing their palms every evening in the Ganges river. 2,000 temples line the community, laying a peaceful mood upon anything you decide to do next. 

10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is on so many lists as a top destination for solo travellers, and for good reason, it’s rich culture and unique topography leaves plenty to be explored. It’s so popular, we’ve built an unforgettable trip to help travellers get to the real heart of all Sri Lanka has to offer. Wildlife watchers have a ready paradise where, over 10 days, we’ll take you on the safari of a lifetime. You’re surrounded by acres of jungle filled with jaguars, monkeys, monitor lizards and incredibly colourful birds – being one of the richest avian ecosystems on the planet. You’ll also learn to track elephants before camping under starlight.  

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We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to solo travel ideas for 2020 – there’s so much to unpack. 

Search for your own destinations. Or check out the trips we have planned– we have a long list of complete, one-of-a-kind travel offers designed to bring you somewhere new. Somewhere you can brush everyday life from your mind, and get back to what matters. 

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