Since IGO’s conception in 2014 we have been taking people to wild locations with a mission to give them a transformative experience through physical activity and learning new skills in a new culture.

As a young brand, we’re constantly tinkering and tweaking those experiences based on the great feedback we get from our guests. As such, we have some very exciting news… IGO 2.0 is launching soon! 

IGO: Adventures with Purpose

IGO Adventures curates unique week-long and weekend experiences in spectacular wildernesses all over the globe for groups of 6 – 20 people.

Our mission is to connect people to each other and our natural world through physical experience, thereby supporting them in becoming custodians of our planet.

How is IGO different

1. Adventures with Purpose

On all IGOs there will be an opportunity to leave your own positive impression on the area. Focusing on the social or the environmental, IGO has designed hands-on experiences to support the area you visit. IGO believes in a tangible, intimate approach so that in 10 years you can measure the direct impact you had.

2. Authenticity

IGO was born from a life-changing adventure. We’ve taken that inspiration and designed expeditions and adventures with genuine explorers who hold world records in pioneering exploration. This expert understanding drives the intimate transformational experience in nature.

3. Unique Trips

An IGO is an IGO – you will not find the trips itinerary anywhere else.

4. IGO Community

Once you book or experience an IGO, you’ve got life membership to the IGO Club and with that comes a whole host of benefits from our expert speaker events, panel discussions, fitness classes, partner offers and more.


Here are the changes, we hope you will love them…

Introducing IGO Eco

Where will you be in 10 years? Where will we be as a company? Maybe more importantly what state will planet earth be in? 

We’ve always had a light touch, leave no trace attitude, but for 2020 we’re doubling down on those efforts. For every IGO location, we have a relationship with a local non-profit who we work with to provide a hands-on experience. You will have a direct impact on the environment you travel to and learn about the local efforts to protect those environments. This means you can adventure and travel with purpose, for you and our planet.

More dates for each location

Previously, we ran only one fixed date for each location we travelled to and aimed at a large group of 20+ participants. We have changed this to offer 3-6 departure dates per adventure for 6-18 people per trip. 

This means we can leave a lighter footprint and go a little bit wilder or more remote on some trips. 

No more compete vs complete

IGO has donated the stopwatches to charity and will no longer be timing participants. We have realised that humans are naturally competitive but we are more about group achievement. We encourage you to stretch your own elastic by going against yourself/the wild/the mountain/the river/whatever and thereby discover what you are capable of.

The most special moments that stay with our guests forever are through collective achievement.

Accommodation options

When we go on an adventure we will be leaving our beds behind, but what substitution and level of comfort are we happy with? We know that the more basic form of camping will allow you to get wilder, but we realise that not everyone is quite prepared to give up some comforts. As such, we now offer more options for where you will lay your head at night including tree-houses, eco pods, yurts and log cabins. And if you want the best view of the stars, we’ll still be wild camping as well.

1. Bricks

Still close to nature, these provide the highest level of comfort in our portfolio and are usually boutique hotels or lodges. Rooms are sometimes shared and sometimes private depending on the availability in each location.

Explore our adventures to see some of these amazing accommodations in their natural environment!

2. Eco Pod

One step removed from the wild compared to camping. This is longer-standing accommodation so there are a few more creature comforts. These can range from nicely fitted out bell tents, to yurts, eco pods, houseboats or even tree houses.

3. Wild Camping

The ultimate wilderness experience: basic but staying warm and dry. It’s most suited to lightweight expeditions. You can’t get any closer to nature than this, however you do sacrifice some elements of comfort to do it. Accommodation might be in a dome tent, a hammock strung up between two pine trees or a bivvy bag on a beach under the stars. 

All levels of ability welcome

Previously, all IGOs were designed the same – for one level of endurance and a tough level it was as well.

We’ve realised that one size does not fit all.

Today, we have developed new routes in new locations with varying distances that will appeal to a wide range of physical levels. Each one has been given a new IGO Adventure Rating. The question is: are you a hedgehog or a lion?

The Hedgehog

You like to take it slow with a few breaks and happy being on your feet for 2-3 hours a day for 1-2 days. You probably don’t have all the kit, require outdoors advice and looking to try an activity for the first time.

The Mountain Goat

You’re beginning to feel at one with the river or mountain. You’re content with 4-5 hours of activity a day for 2-3 days.

The Wolf

You’re at one with nature and happy to be taking on a proper challenge that has elements of the unknown. 8 hours on feet per day over 2-3 days or 3-5 hours on feet over 4 days.

The Lion

Your very definition is wild and you know anything can happen in the wilderness so must have had some prior experience. Your bucket list is filled with adventures that are already ticked off and you’re looking for the ultimate experience in nature. Happy to spend 5 days back to back doing 8 hours of physical activity per day.

Re-wilding humans

IGO chooses the routes least travelled and get as wild as possible. Why does wild matter? Vincent Stanley sums it up pretty well…

Wild began ten feet from the shore, in the power of the waves, or a mile or so from the roadhead on a mountain trail or angler’s path. You have to get away from “the hand of man,” as Margaret Murie put it, to shed the sense of protection you get from our social systems and relearn the sense of simple, sturdy self-reliance many of us last had as children. It is easier in the wild to feel awe in the presence of a force greater than ourselves, though hard to explain to someone who has never felt the power of the wild why it is so essential to life. Anyone who has felt that power has no quarrel with a deep, lively impulse to preserve it.

Patagonia Tools for Grassroots Activists, edited by Nora Gallagher, Lisa Myers

I’d like to just thank you for your ongoing support and invite you to join us around a campfire in 2020.

Touch the wild and the wild will touch you.

Bobby Melville

Founder & CEO, IGO Adventures