Many of us spend our lives in a state of flux, city buzz and Saturday night fever. At IGO we’re aware of the science of over-doing this. Being constantly exposed to the stresses of a day-to-day city life we’re hitting up our sympathetic nervous system more than we even know. Fight or flight should be for running from bears and wolves not bills and a burn-out. Feeling into using our body and mind to achieve and nourish life in and outside of a ‘concrete comfort zone’ might be the key to a healthier, happier and more connected existence.

Residing in a state of stress and worry makes the perfect breeding ground for disease and disconnection. The longer we leave it the harder it is to reconnect to our nature where we believe lies a deeper sense of wellbeing. Releasing all those yummy feel-good hormones and reigniting neurological pathways can only benefit our rebalancing and calibrate connectedness. But that’s just the science…

Nature is a place where the brain and body can absorb without distraction. A place to find true nature inside and out. They say happiness is not having what we want but wanting what we have. We believe you all have ‘it’, we’ll just give you the power to find it. Feel the feeling of being alive in body and mind, in a place where you naturally thrive. Through physical challenge, observing and enduring nature, filling up on nourishing food, exploring mindfulness, yoga with more than a sprinkle of community spirit there’s an undeniable sense of ‘this is where I’m supposed to be right now’.

Start somewhere this Spring:

  1. Forget the bus, take a walk & watch a sunset
  2. Stand in the rain, don’t run away from it. What’s the worst that can happen?
  3. Take your shoes off and feel your feet
  4. Prepare a meal from scratch
  5. Salt water cures a lot. Sweat, cry or find the sea.
  6. Book an IGO and escape the city for a weekend!

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