This month we welcome Holly and John to the team, taking us to a grand total of 4.5 full-timers (the half being George, who is off planning a little walk to the Arctic as I write this). We sit down with them to hear all about what brought them to IGO…

With a background in experience design both agency side and for brands including The Yacht Week and The Ski Week, Holly joins as our Operations & Logistics Manager.

John comes with a whole host of start-up and growth-phase experience in businesses where he’s worn many hats, including British Polo Day and Onda.

What IGO are you most looking forward to?

Holly – My favourite IGO is hard to pin but I would say Wales because it’s somewhere close to my heart.

John – I’m a big fan of Morocco, the conditions are so different to what I’m able to train in typically and is not too far from England. The local food is also fantastic!

Mountain biking in the Agafay Desert on the IGO Morocco Weekend Challenge

If you were about to set off on an adventure, where would you go?

H – Anywhere you journey should be an adventure. Near or far there’s always a journey to take and something new to discover. I like to think of going on adventures as changing perspectives. On the map my favourite place to go has been India and why is because it’s just full of colour and culture. Everything you do is a little bit of a challenge and I like that.

J – Love being by the ocean so tend to head towards coastal environments when I get away. It’s amazing what you can find on your doorstep and there are some fantastic areas around North Wales and the south west of England ripe for adventure!

An avid wave hunter, John wasn’t having much luck at this moment in time.

Describe your scariest adventure moment ever?

H – Being stuck on an island off the great barrier reef without any phone signal and not knowing when the next ferry will arrive. It was hot and I was without vessel… (see below).

J – Coasteering in Greece, we decided to venture through an underwater cave and save ourselves the swim around the headland. Air was finished before the cave and a frantic scramble to the surface followed, narrowly avoiding disaster. We didn’t use that guide again…

What piece of kit can you not live without?

H – A water vessel. I have a very real fear of being dehydrated.

J – It would have to be a Jetboil, some warm food and a good cup of tea can brighten up any moment and it’s a really neat cooking solution. A good waterproof makes the world of difference when the weather turns against you so it’s a really worthwhile investment.

Do you have any key piece of advice for anyone thinking about doing an IGO?

H – Believe you can do it and book it. If IGO, you go.

J – For someone who might be nervous about participating in their first challenge or doesn’t think they’re up to it, I would say to not get intimidated by the challenge. You are participating in the most supportive environment where everyone can go at their own pace, either going all out to break the records or at a slower speed and enjoying the amazing scenery.

When you are not out adventuring, what keeps you busy?

H – I am a Yoga & Meditation teacher and trainee Yoga Therapist, so I spend a lot of time helping people to move their body and mind.

J – I try and stay active most days, heading out for a run along the Thames or climbing with friends. Big fan of the cinema and London’s food markets to relax with friends after all the activity.

What were you doing before you joined the team? What brought you to IGO?

H – I was working freelance and focusing on my yoga training for a little bit. I was brought to IGO by Ben and craving some more structure to my life. I was drawn to working with a brand connected to the power of bringing people back to nature.

J – I’ve spent a lot of time organising sporting events around the world, being lucky enough to visit some great locations and meet some amazing people along the way. The last stop was Australia where I helped produce the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

What are you most looking forward to getting stuck into work-wise?

H – Getting to grips with everything IGO operations and being a part of a very exciting business.

J – It’s amazing to help provide people with the platform to challenge themselves and achieve amazing things in area’s they may not have considered possible previously. I’m looking forward to sharing those stories with the world and encouraging more people to follow in their footsteps.

Do you have any special skills/party tricks?

H – Eating a lot. I am also quite good at accents and ad-hoc slam dunking…

J – Utterly useless but depending on how late into the party I get asked I can do a decent handstand walk.