We are sitting in the IGO HQ reminiscing about the recent Weekend Challenge in Scotland. The overriding emotion is, simply put: “WOW – What a phenomenal weekend!”

To sum it up most succinctly, we lived in a valley next to a small stream, slept in comfortable tents, ate delicious food from the local area, hung out with new people, sat around a campfire tasting whisky, sang songs (badly!) and paddled across Loch Lomond twice… oh! and summited a Munro!

“Everyone’s Everest is different” – we know that more than anyone here at IGO. Hence why we are proud to say that every single person who arrived on Friday completed the course. Some chose to compete, while other chose to complete. Indeed, Flora covered the course on Saturday in 4 hours 9 minutes, which is a course record! However, at the end of the day, whether you are here to win or here to complete the course, whether you arrived as a team or solo, everyone was bound by the shared experience and can take great pride in saying they have accomplished an IGO and are now part of a strong community.

The views may have been obscured by a massive silver-lined cloud, but the memories, the friends and the journey to becoming part of the IGO Club will last forever.