At IGO we are constantly in awe of the people who take on our adventures; each participant always their own story to tell and getting to know people around the campfire is always a highlight of any trip.

Piers Daniell has just returned from IGO N60° in March 2018 and was interviewed by James Henderson, editor of endurance sports website and a former competitor in IGO W114° Montana 2017, which he took part in on behalf of the Financial Times’ magazine How to Spend it.

It was Piers’ first time out in a multiday event as demanding as this. He was new to two of the main sports, ski-touring and cross-country skiing and wasn’t too keen on the lack of home comforts, but as it turned out he loved pitting himself against the elements and harsh terrain of a country he had never visited before. Braving a recorded temperature of -27 degrees, he came back having learned new skills, survived the wilderness and a buzz at the finish line. A true adventure in other words.

“We all pulled together, helped each other out and were on that finish line to cheer one anothers’ achievements. It’s a real break from normal life which gets you back to nature and isolation, so anyone looking for an experience, to meet new people and to feel that they have used their holiday to the max should definitely look at one of these adventures!”

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