Why did you decide to take part in IGO’s N60° Challenge?

I wanted a clear goal to focus on for 2017, to prove to myself that I could achieve something very physically challenging but which was also very different from the usual events my friends signed up to (London Marathon etc).  I wanted an adventure in a remote place I’d never been to before, with people I didn’t know. The IGO N60° challenge, a 4-day 4-discipline expedition race across the Norwegian wilderness, ticked all of these boxes and more.

What was it like in Norway?

 The Highlights

  • The friends I made. N60° was first and foremost a team event and second a race. When you go through an experience like IGO, the speed at which you make friends is astounding. The best moments were being greeted with high-fives and hugs as you came across the finish line each day.
  • The support. From guides, medics, physios and support crew – if you found yourself in trouble at any point during the route, you knew that assistance was only minutes away.
  • Post-race massages. After each day, you could book a slot with Kieran, the world’s most positive physio, who would magic away any aches and pains next to the fire.

 The Lowlights

  • The cold. Waking up in the middle of the night because the fire had gone out and the wind was battering the side of the tent; and not being warm again until breakfast by the fire in the morning
  • The weather. Facing winds of up to 70km/h made each discipline that much harder.
  • Kit discipline. If you lost a glove, it was a disaster. Taking care of your kit, and packing the right clothes and nutrition each day , was an essential but at times stressful necessity.

 Coming home…Did you feel any different afterwards?

 The feeling when you train so hard for something, do it and then achieve more than you thought possible of yourself is just amazing. Something I will remember for the rest of my life.

 Has it made you go on to take on other challenges?

Taking part in IGO has given me a new sense of inner confidence, inspiring me to take on more challenges: in March this year I will compete in the world-famous Engadin Cross Country Ski Marathon, in St Moritz.