If you Google ‘average lifespan of a human on Planet Earth”, Google will take 0.68 seconds to give you an answer of 79 years

A simple sum of ’79 x 365’ works out at approximately 28,835 days on this planet.

Now clearly some people will live for more, some less, but either way you are probably several thousand days into your allowance – scary right?

For us here at IGO, it is so important to spend even a small amount of time off the grid, travelling the world’s wildernesses and reconnecting with nature’s sights, sounds and smells. Pushing yourself physically and mentally makes the feeling of coming back into civilisation knowing that you have spent several days off grid even more exhilarating.

It’s about your attitude, not aptitude. It’s a chance to come back refreshed, reinvigorated and motivated for the next challenge, having experienced something incredible.

After all:

What’s stopping you?