Here at IGO we believe strongly that having the right kit is crucial to your enjoyment of an adventure, and no item is more important that shoes! Not only should they fit well, but they need the right level of support, grip and bounce to keep you going over (several) long days. We’ve partnered with all terrain specialists Inov8 to make sure that your feet are well looked after, and they’ve given the IGO community 20% off with code 7IGOMON20 (valid until Aug31)


This is big sky & big mountain country – you are going to need a shoe that can cope with the rigours of tough terrain, rocky trails, and steep climbs and descents. And you are going to need a shoe that will give you the best grip possible, whilst also not carrying too much water after your morning dip in Whitefish Lake!

For the Swim-Run section we would advise a shoe like the X-TALON 212, this shoe has fantastic grip for running on trails of any nature, but also, it doesn’t hold too much water for after the swim.  It gives a good amount of comfort for the trails, but if you would like something even more stripped back, then the X-TALON 200 has a bit less cushioning, but the same unrivalled grip.

When you hit the mountains, you want to know every step will count, on day 4 your legs will be tired!  The ROCLITE 305 will grip to the trails, and offer you fantastic comfort with the POWERFLOW midsole.  The ROCLITE 305 works really well on any trail, and if the going gets muddy, the lugs on the sole will power you through.

If you want the more stripped back version of the ROCLITE, then the ROCLITE 290 offers you the same fantastic grip, but with a stripped back upper, and a more minimal feel.


Welcome to the desert!  This place is pretty mean and inhospitable, so you want to ensure you have the shoes to give you the best grip so you can ensure every step counts to pushing you to the end of the stage.

When it comes to dry dusty trails, the TRAIL TALON 275 is the shoe to go for, with great POWERFLOW midsole cushioning, and Dynamic Fascia Band for protection, 

and extra propulsion, and an outsole that grips to the trail, this will have you running fast to the finish.

For the mountain scramble however, you are going to need some more protection, those rocks are sharp. Our brand new TRAILROC 285 has a rock plate in the midsole to stop the sharp rocks getting to your feet, yet they are still light and nimble enough to let you feel the ground and grip to the rock.  If you want one shoe that can do all the terrains, then the ROCLITE 305 is our go to multi terrain shoe, great on the trails, but fantastic in the mountains on the rocky slopes, with a thin rock plate for that extra bit of protection.